Server Mappings
Adding Servers


You can add your server to Server Mappings by creating a pull request (opens in a new tab) to the ServerMappings repository (opens in a new tab) following the guidelines detailed here.


We ask that this repository is only used to store mappings for public Minecraft servers. Some server IPs, such as private SMPs, tournament servers, etc. should not be listed in this repository, out of respect for privacy.

Lunar Client also reserves the right to omit any servers that do not comply with our terms of service (opens in a new tab).

Creating an ID for your server

When adding your server to Server Mappings you should create a subfolder within the servers folder. This folder should be named after your server in the form of an "ID".

When creating the ID for your server you should bare in mind the following things, your ID must:

  • Be unique, no other servers should have the same ID.
  • Be short and concise, it should be similar to the name of your server.
  • Be alphanumeric, no special characters should be used.

Creating the necessary files

Your servers' folder must contain the following files:

Your server may also provide the following optional files:

To read more about each file within the folder please read their respective documentation.