Apollo is a powerful tool that allows developers to create custom integrations with Lunar Client.

Apollo enables server owners and developers to tweak the capabilities of Lunar Client on their server, create custom experiences not possible in vanilla Minecraft, and add quality-of-life features.

We have a lot planned for Apollo, and are very open to suggestions and contributions.

This documentation will provide you with all information you'll need to know to start integrating Apollo into your server or plugins! We'll cover the basics of Apollo, from changing the configuration file to integrating your own features using each module. Inside the module breakdowns, for developers, we'll include code snippets along with photos, videos and gifs related to the module to ensure you get the most out of Apollo.

Useful Links

🔗 Lunar Client Website (opens in a new tab)
🔗 Lunar Client Developers Discord (opens in a new tab)
🔗 Apollo GitHub Repository (opens in a new tab)