Deep Links

Deep Links

The Lunar Client Launcher has support for deep links, the ability to utalise custom URLs starting with lunarclient://, which will interact directly with the Launcher and the user's game. Deep links can be placed on websites, in Discord, or anywhere else users have the ability to click on links.

UTM Parameters

If you are using deep links on your own platforms (websites, discords, etc), we kindly ask that you insert the appropriate UTM parameters to help us identify traffic for that execution. This will help us improve and optimize deep link experiences for all players, as well as help us understand how developers are using deep links so that we can provide additional functionality in the future.

For more information on UTM parameters, please visit Google's Campaign URL Builder (opens in a new tab) (with the website URL you want being the deeplink, example: lunarclient://play).

If you have further questions about deep link support, you can join the Lunar Client Developer Discord (opens in a new tab).