Will the legacy API still be supported and maintained?

As of now, the legacy API will remain functional, but will not be improved, extended, or patched further. We highly recommend switching to the updated version of Apollo. As of the first release, all features inside the legacy API are available on Apollo.

Where can I view, fork or download the source code to Apollo?

The source code can be viewed, forked and downloaded on the Lunar Client GitHub (opens in a new tab). Feel free to download the source and fork it anyway you can imagine, as long as it's within the ToS and follows the license.

Where can I view the documentation for Apollo?

You can view the documentation for Apollo, Lunar Client's API, on our Lunar Client Developers website (opens in a new tab).

Do I have to run Apollo to interact with Lunar Client?

You do not need to run the Apollo plugin to interact with Lunar Client, however you do need to follow the protocols found within Apollo. Features might not function properly if you use an alternate implementation that does not implement the Apollo protocols properly.

Where can I suggest new features or enhancements for Apollo?

You can join the Lunar Client Developers Discord (opens in a new tab) and create a suggestion under #suggestions.

Alternatively, if you have the skills and knowledge, you can create the feature yourself and open a pull request on the Apollo repository (opens in a new tab) on GitHub. If your feature requires new changes or enhancements to Lunar Client to function, we recommend connecting with us on the Lunar Client Developers (opens in a new tab) Discord server.

Where can I report issues with Apollo or Lunar Client?

You can report issues on the Apollo repository (opens in a new tab) issues page, on GitHub. If you're having an issue with Lunar Client that doesn't involve Apollo, you can create a support ticket (opens in a new tab).

Where can I contribute to Apollo?

You can open a pull request on the Apollo repository (opens in a new tab) page, on GitHub.

Where can I view the Apollo licensing and acceptable use policy?

We've listed our Acceptable Use policy (opens in a new tab) and Licensing (opens in a new tab) information on the Lunar Client developers website.