Server Owners


What is the difference between the legacy Lunar Client API and Apollo API?

The legacy API was hastily created specifically for features Lunar Network needed. Whereas, Apollo was created with the intention to add more general functionality for all types of servers and gamemodes.

Can I continue to use the legacy Lunar Client API?

Yes, as of now you're able to keep using the legacy Lunar Client API. However, we no longer recommend the legacy API, and you won't be able to use the newest features added to Apollo. We will eventually discontinue support for the legacy API, so it's highly recommended updating to use Apollo.

Why should I use Apollo? What benefits does Apollo have for my server?

Apollo offers you the chance to implement features that aren't possible in your current version of Minecraft and provide quality of life features to your players. In addition, we have plans to add multiple server-sided improvements such as chuck caching, client-side rendering, and much more.

What Minecraft Versions does Apollo support?

Apollo is currently set up to work with all versions that Lunar Client supports, with a single installation.

Where can I download a compiled version of Apollo?

You can download a compiled version of Apollo and the official Apollo implementation plugin on the downloads page (opens in a new tab).

Can I use Apollo without any programming knowledge?

Yes! You can download (opens in a new tab) the Apollo implementation plugin, and drop it into your plugins' folder. The Apollo implementation plugin has a prebuilt configuration file, which can be edited very easily.

Can I use Apollo for free?

Yes! Lunar Client has no intentions of ever charging for usage of Apollo.

How can I get my server name to appear on the Lunar Client friend menu, launcher and other places?

As of now, you can submit your server to the Lunar Client ServerMappings (opens in a new tab) repository on GitHub, where you'll need to provide information and branding around your server.