Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use


This page describes acceptable use of Apollo according to Moonsworth, LLC. Please note that any experiences you create must still be compliant with the Minecraft EULA and Lunar Client Terms of Service.

Current modules

All current Apollo modules are available for use by all servers, without charge. The intent of Apollo is to help servers create amazing experiences for Lunar Client players.

Future modules

We may release future Apollo modules / features that require an approval process for servers to use. This would be done if a new module / feature is:

  • Something that requires backing infrastructure that we're unable to provide for free.
  • Something we're required to keep exclusive for a certain period of time.
  • Something that directly competes with our store (opens in a new tab).


If you have further questions about acceptable use, you can join the Lunar Client Developers Discord (opens in a new tab).

Disclaimer: Our acceptable-use polices may be updated at any time to reflect changes in technology or legal requirements. Modules and features, both current and future, may require approval by Moonsworth, LLC for any reason.